RTS: Hosting Kristina Rakulj, Nemanja Jevtović and prof. Dr. Vesna Damnjanovic

Students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and members of the Case Study Club: Nemanja Jevtović, the then president of the Case Study Club and Kristina Rakulj, as well as prof. Dr. Vesna Damnjanović, mentor and founder of the club, spoke for “Dnevnik” of the Serbian Radio and Television about the recent successes of the members of our club. They talked about the successful entry into the finals of the world competition in Copenhagen, as well as the success from Prague when the FON students qualified for the world finals of the competition which will be held in April in London.

Nemanja Jevtović also commented on what is really the most important thing that remains in the long run after such a result, and that, according to him, are, above all, friendship and contacts, as well as a network of people we can one day call into business. world, because success, although extremely significant, is only the current situation. Prof. Dr. Vesna Damnjanović mentioned that through numerous case studies that students solve, it is achieved that they can apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and on real problems, which is the skills that companies value most today.

We thank RTS for the video report, which you can watch by clicking on the link below, and for supporting our work and recognizing our success.

Watch the full interview in the following video:

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