RTV Studentski Grad: Guest appearances Kristina Knežević and Nemanja Jevtović on the CBS Case Competition

On Friday, March 16, 2018, the competitors of the Case Study Club Kristina Knežević and Nemanja Jevtović were guests in the show “Aktuelno” on RTV Studentski Grad, where they talked about the experience from the CBS Case Competition, a world competition that is held in Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Business School competition is one of the most prestigious competitions in solving business case studies, where competitors have the opportunity to try their hand at solving real problems in the business world.

Kristina and Nemanja, together with their team, which also included Tamara Tošović and Rastko Damnjanović, managed to place in the finals of this prestigious competition and achieve great success. During the visit, they talked about the experiences they gained, about what it is like to be a participant in such a prestigious competition, about plans for the future, as well as about what they would say to their younger colleagues.

We would like to thank RTV Studentski Grad for the recognized success of our members.

Watch the whole show in the following video: