Timeline Magazine: BBICC Competition Reporting Statement by Dunja Paunović

The Faculty of Organizational Sciences will host an international student competition in solving a business case study from April 15th to the 21st. It will be the sixth gathering of students and mentors of prestigious world universities and business schools in Belgrade. The team of Timeline magazine visited The Faculty of Organizational Sciences to find out more details about this interesting competition, as well as what awaits us this year.

BBICC is a competition that started as an idea and vision of prof. Dr. Vesna Damnjanović back in 2013, when we managed to gather 12 teams from international universities for the first time and that changed over time and grew, and today, this year, for the sixth time, we gather 20 international universities, which will compete and give your best solutions. Every year we look to grow and improve both organizationally and in other aspects, and what further contributed to the organization of the BBICC are the successes of our competitors in international competitions, who are members of the Case Study Club.
Solving a business case study is extremely important for students because through these competitions they get a chance to put what they learned in college into practice, to learn something new, to connect with companies that will get some new insights into their problems from people. which are not connected with the work of these companies on a daily basis, so it is a mutual benefit, both for students and for companies … “, are just some of the words are Dunja Paunović, members of the PR and Marketing team of BBICC.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Timeline magazine for the report they did and for recognizing the importance of this competition. You can watch the rest of Dunja’s interview in the following video: