Magazin Biznis: Champion Trophy Case Competition 2014 New Zealand | Sixth place in the world competition

Members of the Case Study Club: Ana Čejović, Maša Sretenović, Maša Sretenović and Stefan Milić, were part of the team that under the mentorship of prof. Dr. Vesna Damnjanović won the sixth place at the world competition in solving a case study, “Champion Trophy Case Competition 2014“, in New Zealand.

The team of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences was the only one from Europe that received an invitation to participate in the New Zealand competition, which followed on the basis of the results achieved in solving case studies in the previous year, 2013. Another 11 schools from all over the world competed in the competition, while the preparations lasted for months, often on weekends.

You can read the interview given by the members of this team in the magazine “Magazin Biznis“, which we would like to thank for recognizing the importance of this success of our members.

The publication is available here:

Article published on 21.02.2014.