TV Kopernikus: A report about BBICC 2019 | Nina Zivkovic, Nina Barjaktarevic and Nikola Tepic

The Belgrade Business International Case Competition (BBICC) is ranked in the top 10 competitions of this character in the world, and the opportunity to organize it was given to our university based on the results achieved by Belgrade University students at world competitions.

Case Study Club member Nina Zivković gave an interview in which she explained what the BBICC is and pointed out that it is an ideal opportunity to make a connection between theory and practice and an opportunity to see what such problems really look like in the real world. The next speaker was a member of the Case Study Club Nina Barjaktarević, who appeared at this competition for the first time this year and pointed out how much she thinks that her participation in this competition will mean in the future. Nikola Tepić, a member of the Case Study Club, then pointed out that sometimes even exhaustive preparations are not enough because this is an area where there is constant room for progress.

We would like to thank TV Kopernikus for the report and the opportunity to bring Case Study Club to the media thanks to its initiatives and successes. You can watch the report in the video below: