NALED: Cashless Case Challenge 2017 | Team Triple A

The McGill Management International Case Competition (MMICC), fully organized by students from the Faculty of Management Desautels at McGill University in Canada, is one of the three most prestigious case study competitions available to all undergraduate students. Each year, this competition hosts 12 top international teams as part of Social Cooperation and Academic Competition Week. Known as the World’s Most Friendly Case Study Competition, MMICC emphasizes the importance of globalization, innovation and multidisciplinary thinking by organizing a range of social and academic events, including 32-hour case cracking.

The topic of the assigned case study at the MMICC, organized in March 2017, was to broaden the horizons and reach of One Acre Fund, a non-profit organization that supplies East African farmers with a variety of social goods such as products, services, training and finance. to reduce hunger and poverty.

How our colleagues: Branislav Bandić, Kristina Rakulj, Marko Trifković, Nikola Miljanović and Sofija Jovanović, led by our dear prof. Dr. Vesna Damnjanović, presented the solution and enjoyed Montreal during the competition, hanging out with other competitors from around the world, you can see in the following video.