Portal Mladi: EY Case Study 2015 | First place in the national competition

Students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences: Tanja Ilić, Moma Kovačević and Filip Kamberović won the national competition in solving a case study. The finals were held on November 30 at Singidunum University. The competition was organized for the third time by the company “Ernst & Young“.

The winners said that they had been preparing for the finals for a month, but they spent the last few days and 12-13 hours together working and improving. 9 teams presented their ideas, with 3 members each, among which, in addition to the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, there were also teams from The School of Electrical Engineering, the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade and the Faculty of Business at Singidunum University. The students were tasked with analyzing the case of Ernst Bank, which was bought by the successful Young Group Bank. The teams had the role of consultants whose job it was to make the necessary changes in order for the bank to secure its place as a market leader.

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Article published on 01.12.2015.

You can see what the final of the competition looked like in the video below: