HSBC / HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition 2019 | Team presentation

Members of the Case Study Club: Nataša Vladisavljević, Rastko Damnjanović, Isidora Perović and Miloš Španović are finalists in the world competition in solving business case study – HSBC / HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition 2019. Nataša explained the analysis conducted as a team, Rastko and Isidora gave an overview of the proposed strategies and the way of possible implementation, while Milos was in charge of the field of finance. After a long presentation and a comprehensive explanation of the solution, a 15-minute Q&A session by the expert jury followed, during which they tried to answer all their questions in detail.

After the end of the competition, by the decision of the expert jury, our team took a great third place. We wish the team a lot of luck and success in their further work and we eagerly await the next successes that will follow.

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Article published on 06.06.2019.