Faculty of Economics Kragujevac: “POSLOVI #za5″| Interview with Nemanja Jevtović

Nemanja Jevtović, President of the Board of Directors of Case Study Club and Senior Advisor for Strategic Investments at the Government of the Republic of Serbia, was an co-speaker during an interview published by the Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac within the initiative “POSLOVI #za5″. He stated that his job is promotion of Serbia in every possible sense, in the context of bringing and implementing new investments in Serbia. In addition to foreign investors who are increasingly investing in Serbia, there are also advisory and negotiation services with investors related to all types of investments in Serbia. He pointed out that the Government of the Republic of Serbia is very focused on domestic investors, who want to invest in Serbia, and that there are more and more of them. He called on high school graduates to think about whether they can stay in their micro-environment and create a future for themselves there.

In the end, he told young people who would like to follow in his footsteps to be broad and uncompromising in terms of attitudes, to try to seethings in a different and more proactive way, to understand that everything is in their hands and to live every day so that the next day they were better positioned and in order to progress more. He pointed out that their homeland is always waiting for each of them, but also that the most important thing in the whole process is to keep people.

We thank the Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac for this report and the opportunity to talk about such topics outside the capital of Serbia.

You can watch the whole interview of Nemanja Jevtović in the following video: