Central European Case Competition 2019 | Participation in the world competition

Members of the Case Study Club and students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences: Stefan Conić, Aleksandra Džinčić, Aleksandar Đukanov and Milena Đorđević, under the mentorship of assistant Ivan Todorović, represented the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the Central European Case Competition 2019 (CECC). The competition is held at Corvinus University in Budapest and aims to establish a venue for the exchange of information on cyber security and its many aspects between academics and practitioners across Europe. CECC 2019 encourages dialogue between researchers on the technical and social aspects of cyber security, which are key to achieving adequate levels of cyber security. Complementary contributions addressing its economic aspects, as well as any legal, investigative or other cybersecurity issues, are also welcome.

The finals of the competition were held on March 22, and out of 16 international teams from as many as 9 countries, it was necessary to choose the four best who will compete for the title of world champion. The students solved two case studies – one for the company “Tresorit“, which deals with cloud computing network services, and the other for the company “OTP bank“, which deals with banking services. The solution of the USC Marshall School of Business proved to be the best solution for the first case study, while the winning title of the second case study went to the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Congratulations to our members for presenting the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and the Case Study Club in the best light, despite the lack of an award, and we wish them good luck and success in their future work.

We are proud to thank the names of our competitors published on the official website of the Central European Case Competition.

The publication is available here:

Article published on 09.03.2019.