RTS and B92: HULT Global Case Challenge 2011 | First place in the European round of the competition

Members of the Case Study Club: Ninoslav Stojsavljević, Ema Nešković, Jovana Dadić, Aleksandra Nikolić and Tamara Pajević, won the final round of the prestigious European competition in solving the “Hult Global Case Challenge” business case in London in March 2011. The successful five at the European Championship were the best in the competition of 32 business schools, among which were their colleagues from Cambridge, Sheffield, St. Petersburg and other universities.

The students had the task to present their solution for a business model in 12 minutes, which will enable the delivery of water and sanitation to 100 million people living in the poorest and most endangered parts of the world, within five years. At the European competition, our members were the youngest team, but that was not an obstacle that would stop them from winning against teams in which some of the competitors had work experience in the areas of the given problem.

The importance of the results was also recognized by the “Radio-Television of Serbia” and “B92”, for which we are grateful.

The press release is available here:

This news was published 07.03.2011.

Members of the Case Study Club at the Hult Global Case Challenge

We also owe a debt of gratitude to B92 television for the report available in the video below: