Pink: Hosting Nemanja Jevtović, Marija Demirović, Aleksandar Đukanov and Jelena Popović on Cashless Case Challenge

In the morning show “Svitanje” on RTV Pink, December 21, 2017, the president of the Case Study Club Nemanja Jevtović and members of the winning team of the national competition Cashless Case Challenge: Marija Demirović, Aleksandar Đukanov and Jelena Popović, talked about their competitive experience. the competition itself and the success they achieved.

As a team, under the name “Contactless Warriors“, they won first place in this competition. The finals of the competition, organized by NALED in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance within the national campaign – Year of Combating the Gray Economy, were held on December 17 at the ICT Hub Playground Center, and the topic was the development of cashless payment ideas in Serbia.

Their idea puts the emphasis on changing consumer habits, instead of major regulatory changes. This team suggested that the means of payment should not be only cards and mobile phones, but all possible types of “gadgets”, as well as watches or bracelets that would be connected to the account through new technologies. In the show, the contestants also spoke and drew a parallel about the current position and position of non-cash payments in Serbia and abroad, the knowledge they gained through the competition and working with mentors, as well as their expectations regarding the practices provided by competition partners. as the main prize.

We thank Pink TV for recognizing our success and giving importance to this topic.

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Article published on 22.12.2017.

In the following video you can hear the experience of our colleagues:

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