Blic: HULT Global Case Challenge 2011 | Placement in the world finals

After winning the European round of the prestigious competition in solving the business case study “HULT Global Case Challenge 2011”, in the competition of 32 business schools, members of the Case Study Club: Ninoslav Stojsavljević, Ema Nešković, Jovana Dadić, Aleksandra Nikolić and Tamara Pajević, there will be an opportunity to compete with 6 other teams, and the task will be to devise a business model that will enable the delivery of water and sanitation to 100 million people living in the poorest parts of the world.

Before leaving for the world finals, our members gave an interview to the daily “Blic” in which they talked about what else awaits them in New York, where the finals of the competition will be held. We would like to thank “Blic” for conducting an interview with our members.


"Blic" interview is available here:

This interview was published 26.04.2011.

Members of the Case Study Club in the Blic editorial office