TV Studentski grad: Guest appearances Tamara Tošović and Bogdan Radenković on the PRilika 2017 competition

Our colleagues, once again, had the opportunity to present the successes of the Case Study Club to the general public as a guest on the show “Aktuelno” of the Radio-Television Studentski Grad. The then vice president for projects of the Case Study Club Tamara Tošović and member of the vice presidency for marketing and PR Bogdan Radenković, presented the successes of the team that won first place at the local competition held in Budapest, where this team won as the only team from abroad.

Tamara and Bogdan also spoke about the success of the team that won first place in the national competition in solving a case study in the field of public relations – PRilika 2017, organized by the Serbian Public Relations Association. During the interview, they tried to explain how the preparations for one competition in solving a case study are going, what the competition experience looks like, and they also talked about the challenges they faced during the time spent at the club. They also talked about how much work in the club is required, how much one should be persistent and disciplined and what should be sacrificed, but also about all other positive aspects of membership in the management consulting club, as well as the importance of case methodology.

We thank RTVSG for the recognized success of our members and the opportunity to share their experience, and in the following video you can watch the entire guest appearance: