Case Solvers: Solvers’ Cup 2017 | Team presentation

Students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and members of the Case Study Club: Ana, Nemanja, Nemanja and Tamara, as part of a report by Case Solvers, commented on their motive for applying to the competition organized by that company – Solvers’ Cup 2017. They also touched on how they found out about the competition itself, and at the end of this short video, a section of the recording error was inserted, where they showed how much fun they had, but also how strong the team is and how nicely they cooperate. When this kind of energy reigns among the team, and when it is joined by the great knowledge and experience they have, there is no doubt that the results will not be missed.

Thanks to Case Solvers for posting this video on its official YouTube channel and making it easier for our students to hear the whole world. You can watch the presentation of the members of the Case Study Club in the following video: